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Brisbane’s #1 Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Electrician Company. The team at Instant Air provides expert residential ducted air conditioning services to Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We provide the perfect ducted air conditioning solutions for your home. 


Measure & quote

We come and inspect the area taking note of everything we then suggest the best air conditioning solution for you.


Our team of qualified technicians will install your new unit. We'll do all the necessary checks and even clean up after ourselves.


Once installed, we then provide follow up support to help with any servicing or maintenance of your new air conditioning unit.

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Residential Air Conditioning

Installing ducted air conditioning will transform your entire living space by allowing you complete climate control in a stylish and non-invasive fashion.

Each room in your home can be zoned for individual temperature control and maximum energy efficiency. You’ll be so impressed with your residential air conditioning system, you will be questioning why you didn’t install it sooner.

The team at Instant Air has been installing and servicing residential ducted air conditioning for over twenty years, making us the most trusted residential ducted air conditioning electrician in Brisbane. 

"The team at Instant Air installed a my air 5 ducted system and a samsung unit in our 64 year old house in Cleveland. Would not of been an easy job with the roof pitch and layout. They pulled it off perfectly and charged exactly what they said they would. I now don't dread the extremes of summer and winter and live and work from home in absolute comfort."
Melanie Wilkes
Brisbane, QLD

Residential Air Conditioning Services Brisbane 

When it comes to your home, you want the ultimate in comfort. This means you need a high quality air conditioning system to help combat the hot Brisbane summers.  

Residential ducted air conditioning systems are the perfect solution to beat the heat and turn your home into the perfect climate.  

The experts at Instant Air in Brisbane take the time to fully analyze and assess your home and its unique cooling needs. We find the domestic air conditioning solution that works best for you.  

Why Choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System?  

Ducted air conditioning uses a system of ducts running from a central unit housed in the roof of your home. The ducts run to each room in your home and allow you to control the temperature of each room or zone individually.  

There are many benefits to choosing a ducted air conditioning unit for your home. Some of the many benefits include:  

-Centrally controlled units that allow you to customize the temperature of each room and even turn it off in rooms that are not being used 

-Many units offer reverse cycling which allows for the unit to also heat your home 

-Energy efficiency  

-Low noise output

Trust the Experts 

When it comes to choosing a ducted air conditioning system for your residential space, you can easily be overwhelmed by the choices.  

Instant Air in Brisbane has over 20 years of experience installing and servicing ducted air conditioning units, making us the most experienced electrician in the area.  

We provide expert guidance when it comes to choosing the right system for you after fully analyzing your space and needs. We then provide a comprehensive quote for service at prices you can afford. We even offering financing options! 

All our quotes are guaranteed accurate and the price we quote is the price that you will pay. We don’t believe in sticking our customers with hidden fees or surprise bills.  

Our technicians are clean cut and professional and aim to make as little disruption to your home as possible. Our technicians have years of industry experience.  

We offer a wide variety of ducted air conditioners from the top brands including; Daiken, Panasonic, Fujisan and Mitsubishi.  

If you are looking for a residential ducted air conditioning electrician in Brisbane to help transform your home into the oasis you desire, give our expert team a call today to get the process started. 

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