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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

If you’ve decided to invest in a ducted air conditioning system for your home to keep you family cool and comfortable all summer long, you need an expert team to properly install your system to ensure optimal performance year round.

Instant Air Conditioning and Electrical provides expert ducted air conditioning installation Brisbane even if you didn’t purchase your air conditioning system from us.

We install and maintain ducted air conditioning in homes, offices and commercial spaces across Brisbane with high quality workmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

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Ducted Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

A ducted air conditioner should always be installed by a professional service team. Ducted air conditioning involves many components.

Ducted air conditioners have an outdoor unit called the compressor or condenser and an indoor unit installed in the roof called the air handling unit. These two components make up the main engine of the unit, but duct work is required to feel the full benefits.

Ducts, or pipes, are installed in the roof space that allow the air to flow to each room or zone in your home. You can then control the air in each zone of your home to optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

Due to the complexity of these systems, hiring ducted air conditioning contractors with experience and knowledge in the field is your best bet for proper installation and efficiency.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is how long does it take to install ducted air conditioning? The truth is, the length of time it will take will depend on; the type of air conditioner you purchase, the size, age of your home, accessibility to your property, and more.

We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of their ducted air conditioner installation Brisbane as soon as possible, but without ever sacrificing on quality. We believe in doing the job well the first time to avoid unnecessary disturbances down the line.

That being said, the entire ducted air conditioning installation Brisbane process should take only a day or two to complete and require only minimal infringement on your home and life. We even offer interest free terms on our finance to make it easy.

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Our Process

Prior to beginning any installation work, we take a good look at your home and all of the important aspects relating to ducted air conditioning installation.

Considerations such as where your current wiring is, how thick your ceiling and walls are and where we can put your outdoor condenser unit will all be considered prior to beginning.

You will also want to do some preparation yourself such as covering any furniture or belongings that you don’t want to get dusty and determining where you would like us to put your thermostats so that they are most convenient for you and your family.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installers Brisbane

Instant Air Conditioning and Electrical has the best team of ducted air conditioning installers in Brisbane. Our experience and expertise in the field is unmatched.

Our ducted air conditioning contractors are professional and courteous and treat your home with the utmost respect.

With hundreds of successful installations under our belts across Brisbane, we have the results to prove it.

Give us a call or send us an inquiry online to get a ‘best price’ quote for expert ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane today.

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