Commercial Air Conditioner

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping an evenly heated and cooled office space to keep your employees, guest and visitors happy and productive.   


Measure & quote

We come and inspect the area taking note of everything we then suggest the best air conditioning solution for you.


Our team of qualified technicians will install your new unit. We'll do all the necessary checks and even clean up after ourselves.


Once installed, we then provide follow up support to help with any servicing or maintenance of your new air conditioning unit.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation electrician

SERVICING South East Queensland

Commercial Air Conditioner

Whether your commercial space is a school, office or other commercial or industrial building, the team at Instant Air in Brisbane has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain a high quality commercial air conditioner that suits your needs and specifications.  

For over 20 years, Instant Air has been serving local Brisbane businesses and organizations for all their commercial air conditioning needs.  

When installing a commercial air conditioning unit, our expert technicians take the whole space into account when designing the best solution. We analyze the size, use, and location to determine which unit will best suit your needs and provide the highest efficiency.  

No matter how large or how small your business or office space is, we provide the same level of expert design and strategy implementation to every commercial air customer. Once we have examined your space and designed a plan, we provide you with a comprehensive quote for service.  

The price we quote is the price you pay! No hidden fees or surprise bills at the end of service.  

"These guys install all of the air conditioners in our new builds. Never let me down and always produce quality work. As a builder I can't fault them and can't recommend them enough!"
Ryan Leife
Licensed Builder

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation 

As meticulous our team is in the planning and design phase of office air conditioner installation, we are equally as detailed when it comes to the installation process.  

Our team is experienced, skilled, and professional. We show up to begin the installation on time, every time and work hard to reduce any office disruption or downtime.  

We take serious consideration to the health and safety of your office and all those who are in it.  

We offer the widest selection of commercial air conditioners in Brisbane from all the top brands. We ensure that you are getting the best possible solution for your unique space.  

No matter what type of commercial air conditioning system you want installed, the team at Instant Air has unparalleled industry experience, ensuring you are working with the best.  

Office Air Conditioning Services 

Not only do we provide expert air conditioning design and installation for your office or commercial space, we provide comprehensive maintenance and service.  

We recommend scheduling regular maintenance to keep your office air conditioner working at maximum capacity. Our friendly team will help you set up a maintenance schedule that works best for your business and needs.  

Even with regular maintenance, there is always the chance for a mechanical failure. For these situations, Instant Air’s team of experts is on call when you need them.  

We get your office air conditioner back up and running in no time. We aim to reduce your downtime as much as possible.  

If you are on the hunt for quality commercial air conditioning companies in Brisbane, look no further than Instant Air. 

Our dedicated team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to perfect fit your commercial space with an air conditioning system that saves your business time and money while keeping you cool and productive.  



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